Infiniti P61Q Reveal

Just Right: Three Immersive Installations that Engage the Senses

Infiniti wanted to create a memorable reveal event for their new P61Q vehicle, highlighting its unique features and customization options. As part of the MssngPces production team, I worked closely with Aramique, Volvox, and a massively talented crew of collaborators to develop three immersive installations that would engage attendees' senses and showcase the car's cutting-edge technology.

As the Tech Director, I was responsible for concept development and research for the proposal, software development and implementation for the Feel installation, as well as oversight and on-site installation of the Feel and Hear installations.

 We had 2 weeks to develop our concepts, and 5 weeks to build them.




Tech Direction, Concept Development, Software Dev, Install


TouchDesigner, Holosonic Directional Speakers., Kinect Azure, Terabee Thermal Camera, DMX Dimmer, Pixelator


Agency: Publicis
Production: MssngPces
Fabrication & AV: Volvox Labs´╗┐ (also shop drawings, 3D design, and concept + production of SEE program)


Aramique Krauthammer (Creative Director)
Jennifer Baker (Executive Producer)
Ryan Hawthorne (Graphics)
Volvox Labs (Javier Cruz, Kamil Nawratil)
Dave Tennent (Software Development for HEAR)
Gary Gunn (Music and SFX)
Matt Felsen (Pitch Tech Consultation)



Bringing Customizable Climate Zones to Life

To showcase the P61Q's customizable climate zones and IR temperature detection, we created an immersive experience that:

  • Used a thermal camera to measure attendees' temperatures
  • Incorporated DMX-controlled fans to provide a cooling effect
  • Utilized Kinect Azure for point clouds and presence detection
  • Projected visuals onto transparent scrims for added depth
  • Featured a generative LED wall for the main visuals
    Included speakers for audio feedback

Developing most of the installation remotely, I used previsualization techniques like an custom LED pixel-pitch simulator to ensure that our aesthetic would translate seamlessly to the final hardware.

Additionally, I created a central interface to manage sensor calibration, animation timings, wind speeds, and monitor each parameter's status during development and the live event.

During development, Volvox built a simple projector mockup to test the scrims and Ryan Hawthorne's motion graphics flanking the generative LED panel content on each side. I worked on-site to tweak camera calibration, LED visuals and projector alignment.


Concept & Research

For the proposal, I assembled a list of tech that could be used to as inputs and outputs for each, participated in concepting brainstorms and put together technical narratives for the final presentation.


Planning & Proposal

To make sure each concept could be executed on time and with the intended functionality, I put together estimates, hardware matrices, and system diagrams demonstrating how everythign works.